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To make the artist’s work easier and to help on the inspirational moments.

Charming, funcional, and durable, our products are handmade in small-scale. We made them with affection, attention to the details and respecting the environment.


Mini pen rest
He is small, light and super compact.

The Mini pen rest fits any place, is graceful and easy to carry. Made in high quality wood finished with varnish layers, it has support for two ruling pens.

Though Mini is simple and small he is very efficient!


Deedee pen rest
On stand… the cheerful, charismatic, and super helpful Deedee, the youngest of the pack.

This graceful puppy is going to keep you company in your creative moments and, as a loyal buddy, he swears to take care of your ruling pens with devotion when they are resting.

Deedee is so cute!


Max pen rest
Max, our big buddy.

He is the leader of our Dreaming Dogs pen rest pack. Robust, strong, and full of grace – this is our respectful friend Max. Made in two different kinds of wood, Max and has support for three ruling pens with a lot of comfort.

dreaming-dogs-ruling-pens dreaming-dogs-ruling-pens

Fifo case
With roll-up closing, the Fifo case is practical and functional. It holds and protects the pens during transportation.

The case has an adjustable closing strip, so you can carry other tools of your choice. Available in four different colors: taupe, brown, blue/pink, and blue/silver.


Tutto sketchbook
Tutto, which also known as “Catbook”, is a charming sketchbook. It is perfect for those who like to register everything, keep ideias, take notes, informations, or just make scratches.

Elegant and exclusive, the Tutto sketchbook is 15 x 15 cm (about 5,9” x 5,9”), and has 96 plain pages in 75g Pólen Bold paper.